Sacramento Makers Academy
A community of makers and creativeindividuals
in 6th - 12th Grade
Design and Fabrication 3D Modeling and Animation Coding and Game Development

Makers are people who add value to the world. 

We are makers...
Sacramento Makers Academy is a private middle and high school where students and facilitators work to finish projects. These projects range in scope and subject matter but must build skills and knowledge that add value to the student and society. Value can be measured in different ways. In general, if a skill could be added to a resume and increase the likelihood of being hired, it has value. If something can be sold, it has value. If information helps a maker see connections between people, places, history, or beliefs, it has value.  

We focus on skills that help you to make and create.

We are actually located inside of Hackerlab Sacramento
From marketable products to unique services, Sac Makers students are encouraged to earn money, make connections and share experiences while working towards college placement or vocation. Though not limited to, we are specifically able to offer individuals facilitation towards fields in engineering, design, fabrication, business and game/film development. With a fully equipped Makerspace, numerous 3D printers, a laser cutter and a full size CNC mill, Sac Makers students have access to amazing tools when prototyping, making and creating.  

Big fluffy couches for those that require a certain level of comfort to get work done.

Saws, mills and drills.  This is the woodshop that makers dream about.  Fully supervised, our students are encouraged to design and build objects of value in order to better understand the labor and attention to detail involved with fabrication.  

Get down to business with an 80 watt Laser Cutter.  Take your digital images and vector paths and cut/engrave plastic, wood, fabric and leather.  This tool reduces the labor while increasing the possibilities and outcomes for custom fabrication.  

Cut, bend and weld metal to do your bidding.  This metal shop is equipped with ferrous metal chop saws, brakes, a mini-lathe and MIG/Oxy- acetylene welding systems.  Learning these tools can be quite useful and mix well with the other resources available to our students.

A fully equipped electronics lab to get your circuit on.  Strip wires, solder boards and test your designs here with the correct tools and setup.  
Dark and quiet more your thing?  We got that too.  Get your work done and collaborate in a useful yet relaxing environment.  This conference room provides ample seating and a projector to facilitate group work, presentation and/or lecture.  

A kitchen to store your food and filtered hot water/microwave to prepare it. 

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